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Our Company Growth

The company has recorded in annual turnover of Rs 9 crores in 2012-13, Rs.11.50 crores in 2013-14 and Rs. 16.50 crores in 2014-15. The company reviewing the past track record and percentage of profits, has been expecting a revenue of Rs. 20 crores in 2015-16.

With credit rating, ISO certification and IEC certification, the company is ready to execute international trading. We welcome buyers from all across the world to buy our Sheet Metal Press Parts/component from ready-to-ship stock or place an order if you have specific requirements.


The management of our company has attained certification by a well-reputed firm- TUV NORD for manufacturing of sheet metal pressed components and assemblies. The company performs all its manufacturing activities in line with the standards set by ISO 9001:2008. Each of the part and component developed in-house is inspected using several gauges and measuring instruments in standard room.

Product Portfolio

Coil, M S Sheet, Copper Strips and Brass Coil are the basic material which we used to manufacture and supply the below mentioned products:

  • Sheet Metal Press Parts
  • Products Assemblies
  • Sheet Material Press Components & Assembles
  • Sheet Material Press Parts

We also import the following products:

  • Copper Strips
  • Brass Strips
  • Ms Sheets
  • Ms Coils

Production Plants

The combined monthly production capacity is 6 Lakhs pcs and we have more than 130 people in these plants.

The Kandiwali plant has press shop and standard room. The press shop is outfitted with pneumatic power presses, each of which require only a skilled operator to run and standard room, which has requisite instrument for components and parts inspection. The list of machinery installed are:

  • 15 Power Presses, With Capacities Of 16, 20, 30, 40, 50, 110, 75 And 150 Tons
  • Power Press (with Strip Feeder)
  • Shearing Machine
  • Spot Welding Machine (15 K.V.A. & 25 K.V.A.)
  • Surface Grinder
  • Drilling Machine
  • Hand Press
  • Co2 Gas Welding


  • Hydraulic CNC Press Break
  • Compressor
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Milling Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Spin Riveting Machine
  • Electric Arc Welding 


The list of instruments and other equipments calibrated:

  • Profile Projector
  • 4 Vernier Caliper ( 6" &  8")
  • 2 Vernier Caliper (Digital) ( 6" &  8")
  • Height Gauge (Digital) (12")
  • Height Gauge (12")
  • Micrometer (0 To 25mm)
  • Micrometer For Bend (0 To 25mm)
  • Groove Micrometer (25 To 50mm)
  • Micrometer (25 To 50mm)


  • Combination Set (12")
  • Degree Protector
  • DFT Meter
  • Surface Plate (400X630)
  • 3 Set Pin Guage (050mm To 4.0mm; 4.00mm To 8.0 mm & 8.00mm To 12.0mm)
  • Hardness Tester
  • Digital Height Master (trimos) 600mm


The Vadodara plant is divided into a press shop, standard room and tool store. The tools store is equipped with racks with each section alphabetically labeled, from A to H. The press shop has 13 power presses of capacities ranging from 20 ton to 110 ton; hydraulic shearing machine, spot welding M/C, surface grinding M/C, lather machine and computer. The instrument and gauges we have for measurements are:

  • Profile projector
  • Linear height gauge
  • Digital height gauge
  • Height gauge
  • Vernier caliper
  • Micrometer
  • Stal rule
  • Plug gauges
  • Surface plate

The Ahmadnagar Plant is divided into a press shop, assy. Line, inhouse cold storage and moulding facility with 2 SMC moulding M/C (150 ton) and 2 SMC moulding M/C (100 ton). The press shop is equipped with following machinery:

  • Power press 75ton
  • Power Press  63 Ton
  • Power Press 25 Ton
  • Power Press 30 Ton
  • Power Press 20 Ton
  • Power Press 16 Ton 
  • Power Press 40 Ton
  • Hydro Pneumatic Press 4 Ton
  • Shearing Machine 8mm X 5 Feet


  • Lathe Machine 4 1/2 Feet
  • Drilling Machine
  • Tapping Machine (Pitch 12 Control) 3mm X 6.0mmm
  • Lathe Machine 4-1/2 Feet
  • Hydro Pneumatic Press 4 Ton
  • Co2 Welding Machine 400 Amp
  • Surface Grinder  8" X 24"


To upgrade our facility, we are planning to develop SMC moulding facility, in house powder coating plant and install CNC press break and CNC punch press trumph in Vadodara plant.

We Are Looking For Inquires From Mumbai & Nearby Location.
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